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What’s New in Linux Kernel 3.15

Author:   Date: 2014-07-04

 The 3.15 of the Linux kernel was released just a few weeks ago by Linus Torvalds.  As explained by, the headline features in 3.15 include some significant memory management improvements, the renameat2() system call, file-private POSIX locks, a new device mapper target called dm-era, faster resume from suspend, and more. 

What’s New in Linux Kernel 3.15:

* EFI mixed mode support to support running a 64-bit Linux kernel on a system with 32-bit UEFI.
Faster suspend and resume times
Add support Sony DualShock 4 controller
* Newer notebooks should play nicer with the new kernel release.
* On the future CPU front is AVX-512 and RDSEED extension support.
* open-source graphics driver improvements that include initial NVIDIA Maxwell GPU support and the VCE 2.0
* video encoding support for recent AMD graphics cards.
* And more.