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* Processor: Samsung ARM9 S3C2416X @400MHz
* RAM: 64MB
* Storage: 128MB/256MB/512MB/1GB optional
* Pin out: 4x UART, USB1.1 Host, USB2.0 Device, RGB, Ethernet, 2x SDMMC, Audio I/O, PWM, I2C, SPI, ADC, GPIO, etc.
* Operating system: Linux2.6, WinCE6.0
* Board size: 40mm x 40mm
* Compatible module: CM9X35, MINI287
* Package: 120-pin, 1.27mm pitch


MINI2416 is a cost-effective ARM9 computer on module based on the Samsung S3C2416X, operating frequency up to 400MHz, and  designed for projects requiring low power consumption and overall cost. It can be used as embedded core for handheld devices, GPS navigation systems, Security device, Electric power control system.

MINI2416 front view

MINI2416 rear view